• A very low key event
  • Only four members were attenedance making it the lowest attended TWC Event in recent history Mike King Mikiyas Negussie Andrew Carter and Ryan Galloway were the attendees
  • That ate at the Blue Pearl Buffet as for weeks piror Mike and Mikiyas discussed the TWC going to a buffet.
  • Everyone then had to Poop!
  • Asian Jokes were made while in the Chinese Buffet
  • Mexicans made Chinese food. Only in America!
  • Then there was a trip to Baskin Robins were Ryan deepthroated a soft served ice cream cone and Mike tried to steal an ice cream cake before realising there was a camera later being told by an employee that he turns the cameras off so his boss doesnt watch what he does
  • Returned to Mikes House for Brawl and Seinfeld.

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